Primary Sabbath School

The Primary class for children from 2nd through 4th grade. It is divided into three sections:

The Opening Program is composed of  a welcome, missions and offering as well as a section teaching the Books of the Bible.

For  Bible Lesson Time we use "My Bible Lessons" from This is a three-year cycle that covers 156  Bible stories. Children are divided into small classes by grade and are taught at tables using Bible felts.

The Theme Program changes monthly and teaches the children about character development.  The twelve theme programs include:

January              Reverence & The Sabbath
February            Temperance
March                 Helpfulness
April                    Love
May                     Worship & Prayer
June                   Happiness
July                     Kindness
August               Obedience
September        Witnessing
October              Hope & Praise
November         Thankfulness
December         Unselfishness

Leader:  Betsy Adams

Teachers: Martha Biliff & Liesel Collins

Pianist: Hugo Riffel