Kindergarten Sabbath School

The Kindergarten class for children from ages 4 to 1st grade. This class  is designed as a training time for parents to teach their children to be independent in Sabbath School.  It is divided into three sections:

The Opening Program is composed of two separate programs that run two months at a time and change on the odd months.  They consist of welcoming songs, bells, missions, and alternating Biblical concepts of the Sabbath and Second Coming.

For  Bible Lesson Time we use "My Bible Stories" from This is a one-year cycle that covers 52 major Bible stories. Children are divided into small classes by age and are taught at tables using Bible felts.

The Theme Program changes every two months on the even months, and teaches the children through "God's Second Lesson Book" -- nature.  The six theme programs each focus on a specific habitat.  The Ocean, The Jungle, The Arctic, The Outback, The Serengeti, and The Desert.

Leader:  Kim Dee

Teachers: Renata Ocampo, Rebecca Leon

Pianist: Hadfis Traustadottir