Cradleroll Sabbath School

The Cradleroll program is designed for children from birth through the 3rd birthday. Parents are expected to accompany these young children to Sabbath School.  The program is divided into three parts:

The Opening Program begins with welcoming songs, bells and sticks.  Two Biblical concepts, creation and the second coming, are introduced. This program never changes throughout the year.  It provides the repetition young children need.   

The Bible Lesson is taught in three separate lesson classes divided by ages. Smaller Bible classes allow for more individual attention and better learning.  Bible lessons use felts to illustrate the stories.  Each lesson is taught for two consecutive weeks to allow for some repetition, in addition to the study time at home.  Summer and Fall quarters  cover the Old Testament lessons, and Winter and Spring quarters cover the New Testament lessons. 

The Theme Program presents God's handiwork in nature through the seasons.  Each quarter one season is featured by an appropriate backdrop and stuffed animals.  Children learn  through finger plays  and songs.  

Co-Leaders:   Rose Holderbaum and Ana Creutzberg

Teachers: Emmelynn Rosenthal, Silvija Sekulich

Pianist: Emmelynn Rosenthal or Derek Dee