Church construction - Apigian water melon


We read in Ecclesiastes 3 that there is a time for everything and a season for every activity under heaven. Solomon includes a time to be born, a time to build, a time to laugh, and a time to embrace.  Today is a time to rejoice as we think back over the birth, building, and growth of this congregation, and thank God for His guidance and blessings.  We’ve come together to give praise to God for the opportunities we’ve had to serve Him either as we helped to establish this congregation or as we are currently helping to sustain it in its mission to serve the community.

Today we recall fond memories. Many of you will recall the time between the formation of the Rolling Hills congregation in September, 1967 and the groundbreaking in September of 1970—the coming together of the Wilmington and San Pedro congregations to worship first in the Methodist, then in the Baptist, and finally in the Unitarian churches.  If you are a charter member of this church, please stand up.

Others of you will think of the construction years and the meals you cooked, the digging you did, the trash you hauled, the boards you nailed, the forms you cleaned, the rebar you tied, the stained glass that you helped design, or the overhead beams, organ, and pews you rejoiced to see installed.  As we think of those years we thank God for people like Alvin Bennett, Rose and Philip Cabellon, Velma Frederick, Bessie Mae and Bob Bellinghausen, Robert Harvey, Myrtle Shinkle, Betty and Jim Muths, Dick and Gail Shadduck, Verna Randall, Ray Kablanow, Charles Randall, Scotty, our builder, Pastor and Mrs. Apigian, and many others including those of you here today.  Please stand, if you helped build this place of worship.

We rejoice as we recall the purchase of this land for a mere $165, 000 in 1969.  The congregation’s weekly sacrificial gift of $1000 enabled the building process to keep going.  But it wasn’t the money or the equipment that built this place.  And though we’ve come together in this place, it isn’t the place that we celebrate! What happened here in the 1970’s wasn’t just construction—though some pretty spectacular construction did occur.  What happened was that individuals worked together to form a family, a body, a church.  As men, women, and children pounded together, cleaned together, and prayed together, ate together, and dreamed together a family bond was formed that still exists.

Much has happened here since December, 1975. Some of you have grown into adulthood and now have families of your own.  Baptisms and wedding have been days of rejoicing.  Please stand, if you spent any part of your childhood here, were baptized here, or were married here.

Many people have attended Sabbath School, Pathfinder Club, and South Bay Junior Academy as a result of the ministry of this congregation.  Numerous individuals have learned of the gospel of Jesus Christ through prayer meetings, small group ministries, worship services, homeless feeding programs, cooking classes, Stop Smoking plans, and other outreach opportunities.  And as any family, we have gathered together in our times of sorrow and loss. Let us continue to use our Rolling Hills family experiences to serve God, the community, and each other in the coming years.

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Church construction - Apigian water melon
Church construction - getting ready for concrete
Church construction - Cabello
Church construction - Cutting table
Church construction - Tractors
Church construction - Scaffold
Church - evening view
Church - Finished